Course Catalogue

Entrepreneurship Course

Turnip Professional Certificate Course

Learn how to raise funds, Go-to-Market, team building and more.

Idea to Patent Course

Free Course!

Learn the exact mindset and technical details in a practical way

Basics of IPR

Free Course!

Dr. Deepika Singh gives a detailed rundown of different Intellectual Property types in a simple and practical way.

Design Thinking Course

Free Course

Learn how Design Thinking works, how to apply it for projects, and bring your innovations to the market

Product Management Course

Turnip Professional Certificate Course

Learn Product Management in top global companies from world's leading Product Manager Rajesh Mukherjee

Cloud Computing Course

Turnip Professional Certificate Course

Learn Cloud Computing in a completely practical and hands-on way

Patent Analytics Course

[Free Course]

Learn the essentials of using Patent data and conducting sound Business Intelligence. Offered Free for a Short time!

2 Week Patent Course

Turnip Professional Certificate Course

Learn the true essence of Patents and their use in modern businesses. Get Certified in IPR by Turnip!

SQL for Business Analytics

Turnip Professional Certificate Course

Learn the Top Data Science Skill. Completely hands-on and you get 24x7 Access to Live Turnip Server!

World IP Day Webinar

Free Webinar

Get to know about career opportunities in IPR.Watch Dr. Anindya Sircar talk on "IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future"

Patent Writing Workshop

[Live Certificate Masterclass]

Watch Dr. Prachi Pandey, Registered Patent Agent talk on Patent Drafting.Request for session recording

International Patent Filing

Free Webinar

Learn about the Process of International Patent Filing, PCT Route and cost from Dr. Prachi Pandey

Trade Secrets Webinar

[Professional Masterclass]

Join Shravani and Yesheshvini from Create & Protect Legal for a Live Session on Trade Secrets! on Sat, 9th October, 5-6PM

Funding of Startup

Professional Masterclass

Watch Ms. Sanskriti Pawan, i-TTO, FITT talk on key features, eligibility and application process

Independence Day webinar

[Free Webinar]

Watch Mr. Munish Sudan, Head of IP at Tata Steel talk on "Innovation: A Cornerstone in India's Journey"

Paving the Way for a Patent

Free Webinar

Learn the best practices for obtaining strong patents at the Indian Patent Office from Mr. Tapan Brahma

Academic Patent Protection

Free Webinar

Learn about challenges faced by Institutions in protecting and enforcing their IP by Ms. Mansi Chaudhry

Copyrights in India

Free Webinar

Watch Shravani and Yesheshvini from Create & Protect Legal talk on Copyrights in India.

Innovation and IP Strategy

Knowledge Session

Learn about strategies of Innovation and IP Strategy by Mr. Munish Sudan, Head of IP at Tata Steel

Technology Commercialisation

Knowledge Session

Learn how to approach patenting from a commercialisation perspective by Prof. Man Singh

Hits & Misses in IP

Free Webinar

Know how to secure your IP in a legally compliant and fool proof manner Ms. Shuchi Agarrwal

Secrets of Claim Writing

Live Masterclass

Patent Claims with Advanced Tips and Tricks by Mr. Tapan Brahma, Founder, Exilyze Intellectual Services

Ideas into Business

Free Webinar

Learn How an Idea can be Transformed into a Successful Business by Ms. Shuchi Agarrwal, Managing Partner, IPNeeti

Design Thinking in Climate

Keynote Session

Dr. Hemang Shah, Director of Engineering, Qualcomm Innovation Labs, will take a session on "Design Thinking".

Learn How Trademarks Work

Keynote Session

Ms. Yesheshvini Ojha and Ms. Shravani Deshmukh, Create & Protect IP, will speak on How Trademarks Work!

Patent Litigation in India

Live Webinar

Dr. Prachi Pandey conducting a Live Masterclass on Patent Opposition and Litigation in India!

Build a Career in IP

Knowledge Session

Learn how to kick start your Career in IP by Mr. Govind Kedia, Managing Director, Arctic Innovation Consulting

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