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Turnip Entrepreneurship Course

30 Hours Online Certification

Learn key entrepreneurship concepts in a refreshingly hands-on way

Basics of IPR

Free Course!

Dr. Deepika Singh gives a detailed rundown of different Intellectual Property types in a simple and practical way.

Full Patent Agent Course

30 Hours Online Certification

Dr. Prachi Pandey covers the full Patent Agent Exam syllabus, incl. India Patent Act, drafting, amendments, cases and viva-voce!

15-Day SQL Course

Professional Certification

Learn SQL completely hands-on with 24x7 Live Access to Turnip SQL Server. Instructor: Dr. Rahul Kapoor

Design Thinking Course

Free Course

Learn how Design Thinking works, how to apply it for projects, and bring your innovations to the market

Product Management Course

Turnip Professional Certificate Course

Learn Modern Product Management from one of world's leading Product Manager Rajesh Mukherjee



Founded in 2018, Turnip provides high quality, new-age learning products that can be widely scaled. We are an Online Education Company with a background in Intellectual Property, Entrepreneurship and Big Data. Our mission is to positively influence 5 Crore young academic scholars and professionals. We are fighting a war on two fronts:

1. IPR Awareness, Education and Filing - Acknowledging the importance of innovation to tackle global challenges, we have launched various initiatives keeping in mind the unique challenges of the Indian academic ecosystem

2. Practical up-skilling on modern fields - With our various high quality courses and masterclasses, we cover fields of Big Data, Analytics, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing and more.

Our Courses and Events have been attended by 80,000+ scholars and certificates accepted by over 2000 institutes across India. Our annual event Turnip Innovation Festival attracts over 10000 audience globally.

 Innovation is the key to economic growth. For thriving in the 21st century, India will have to tackle its existing demographic and social challenges, along with global challenges posed by climate change and Covid-19.

For this, India needs an entire generation of scholars to convert their research into patents and other pieces of IPR. Awareness and inspiration are the first steps to achieve this goal. That's what we have set out to do at scale.

Why Turnip Courses and Events?

Learning patterns are fast changing in the post-covid world. To ensure maximum learning outcome, Turnip has a scientific system that governs content design, format and medium of delivery. For example, we focus more on the "How," rather than the "What" and "Why." Some characteristics of Turnip Courses and Events:

  Short and to the point

  Hands-on and Practical in nature

  Suited for Slow and Continuous learning

  Easy and Lifetime accessible

  Low cost

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Awards Received

World IP Forum (WIPF) - IP Excellence Award in Education and Training 2021

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